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Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Triple distilled, twice as smooth, one of a kind. Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey produced by Pernod Ricard. Originally one of the six main Dublin Whiskeys, and introduced in 1780, Jameson is now distilled at the New Midleton Distillery in County Cork. Jameson is by far the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world and has been sold internationally since the early 19th century. Staying true to its popularity, last year in 2018, annual sales topped 7.3 million cases.

The Basics

  • ABV: 40%

  • Cask: ex-Bourbon and Sherry Barrels

  • Nose: Toasted wood, sherry undertones, fudge

  • Taste: Smooth and sweet with wood and nut tones, orchard fruit, and a touch of vanilla.

  • Finish: Medium, smooth, spiced honey


Chris' Opinion: This was one of the bottles that got Dan and I hooked, and starting to explore whiskey's outside of scotch. When I brought it to him and told him a wild tale of an affordable, friendly, and just downright good staple whiskey, we proceeded to put a good dent into it. What I like most about this is that it's sweet, has a mellow nose, and a medium finish that ends with no awkward after taste. Not dry, or overly spiced, it's simply a great drink. Combined with a pinch of lime and ginger ale, and it makes a refreshing summer drink!

Dan's Opinion: When Chris brought me this bottle I admit I went a little snobbish due to the price, This taught me a valuable lesson and opened my eyes to a much bigger whiskey market, I am now not so snobby and have tried some amazing drams due to being more humble, now about this whiskey, This is my go to easy drinking whiskey, I drink this from a flask, red solo cup, shot glass, tumbler.. you name it. No Spice, No Kick, mellow and simple.

Jason Kenn(e)y: "It's a nice Irish Whiskey, but it's not the's a budget liquor Mr. Speaker...". While Jason Kenney may be "Sorry" / "Not Sorry" with respect to the covid pandemic response, he has solid opinions on Jameson.

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