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2 Guys 1 Dram started as a hobby, and like all good hobbies, turned into a passion, and now we just can't seem to stop ourselves.  When we initially kicked off the idea, we knew there was a desire to enjoy Whisky, while educating our friends about it, and then expand our palletes to the things we've all come to enjoy.  Over the years we've had the pleasure of tasting over 150 different types of whiskey from all over world and want to share this with you!

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“The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whisky. By diligent effort, I learned to like it.”

-Winston Churchill

Our Mission

Dan Mitchell

Every hobby or passion starts somewhere, and for me I was a late bloomer with my adventure starting at a charity whisk(e)y tasting event.


Like most hobbies I get into, I ruin them quick, taking them to the extreme or beyond. Whisk(e)y is no different; once I fell in love with whisk(e)y there was no looking it back, and I became a sponge looking for anything and everything whisk(e)y related. I've built my bottle collection to over 80+ unique brands, makes, and styles; and even then, that was not enough to where I teamed up with Chris and we started our certification journey pushing our whisk(e)y journey just that much further.


My goal is to break the mold and conceptions about whisk(e)y.  I want to allow those that have found whisk(e)y is to strong, harsh, or tastes like “alcohol” to be able to take a step back, learn and enjoy whisk(e)y for the diverse, layered, and refined drink it is.

My professional career is the same as Chris’s; I am a serial entrepreneur in the tech industry and been in the industry for over 20 years.


My Current Favorite Serries: Yellowstone, Last Man Standing, Suits and Homeland


My Favorite Whisk(e)y: Besides the one I find in my hand at the time are, Bourbons, Japanese Whisk(e)y, and Highland Scotches.


Whisky Ambassador Certificate #18-1946

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Chris Green

My philosophy on Whisk(e)y and the industry is that there are molds to be broken and stigmas to be reset. For the investment people make, and affinity people develop for brands, it's important for anyone trying Whisk(e)y to go in with an open mind and learn what profile best suits them.  In addition to having an open mind, remember that there are so many flavors, scents, and experiences to try that limiting yourself is limiting your joy.  I'm here to educate, learn, tell stories, and open your mind to new realities.  Let's have some fun.

Professionally my background is in Information Technology and I've been successfully working in this industry for the last 20 years.

Current Favorite Series:  Bosch and Yellowstone

My Favoirte Whiskey's include:  Scotches (Islay and Highland), Bourbon's, and Canadian

Whisky Ambassador Certificate #18-1947

Maker's Mark Ambassador #1796114

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