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Review: Basil Hayden's Bourbon

Basil Hayden's as a brand was introduced in 1992 and is a tip of the hat to the traditional methods of distilling bourbon by Basil Hayden Sr. from 1792. The recipe used was a combination of the corn mash with a combination of mixed small grains and high rye to provide a nice bite.

The Basics

  • ABV: 40%

  • Cask: New American Oak

  • Nose: Spice, tea, hint of peppermint

  • Taste: Spicy, kiss of sweet honey, light-bodied, gentle bite

  • Finish: Dry, clean, brief


Basil Hayden's Bourbon

Chris' Opinion: I'm typically on the fence with a lot of bourbon's, but this is one of my favorite expressions. This to me is a great whisky to introduce people to bourbon without blowing their taste buds and minds with heat and spice. It's gentle on the nose, great tasting, and has a very sharp but brief finish. I prefer this with a teaspoon of water as it really brings out some of the more subtle characteristics to this fantastic whisky!

Dan's Opinion: I was looking forward to this one, and was not disappointed, it was like a great sharp cheese. it bit me right when it needed to then left me with my tongue asking for more. My only regret was having to share this small bottle.

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