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Review: Glenfiddich Select Cask

With elegant layers of sweetness, spice and hints of citrus, Glenfiddich Select is a deliciously smooth expression made from casks married using a unique Solera vat process.

Each cask is hand-selected by Glenfiddich Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, and chosen for its unique taste profile. Individual casks are then married in a Solera Vat, a process where the flavours from each cask interact with each other to create a uniquely smooth and refined single malt.

The Basics

  • ABV: 40%

  • Cask: European, Bourbon, & Red Wine

  • Nose: A bit floral with touches of toffee and vanilla. Some oak and citrus are far in the background.

  • Taste: Peppery, with a wave of sweet and sherry, followed by a touch of spice.

  • Finish: Brown Sugar, cream, and a subtle hint of berries


Travel Edition
Glenfiddich Select Cask

Chris' Opinion: Picked this up traveling through Las Vegas. I'm a fan of the Glenfiddich line of products, and this was no exception. The nose was classic to a glenfiddich, and you can definitely pick up on the red wine casks on the nose. The taste was a solid combination of sherry and the sweet bite from the bourbon. The finish was just straight up nice. It was sweet, lasted long enough for you to understand it, and ended a bit dry.

Dan's Opinion: Ok so I also have this in my collection. I find this so nicely balanced that it can come across simple but it isn't. This is a nursing bottle for me and I visit it rarely for the fear of destroying in a single night. The red wine cask and bourbon is my kind of dram!

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