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Review: Glenfiddich 12 Yr

The Glenfiddich 12 is probably one of the worlds most recognizable scotches, and in fact when many people think of scotch they immediately think about the triangular shaped green bottle. What surprises most people about the Glenfiddich 12 is its consistency in flavor from batch to batch and year to year. This bottle by far seems to remain incredibly static with those big bold flavors.

The Glenfiddich 12 is matured in American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks for at least 12 years. This combination of Bourbon and Sherry creates the familiar flavor profile we've all come to love.


  • GOLD MEDAL 2014 - International Spirits - Challenge (ISC)

  • GOLD MEDAL 2014 - International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC)

The Basics

  • ABV: 40%

  • Cask: ex-Bourbon and Sherry

  • Nose: Fresh, fruity, with a hint of pear or orchard fruits.

  • Taste: Sweet & fruity that transitions into butterscotch, cream, malt and a subtle oak flavor.

  • Finish: Long and mellow


Glenfiddich 12 Yr

Chris' Opinion: I think the problem with this scotch is that it became too popular. Almost everyone you've ever talked to tried this scotch, and sadly most of the time its early on in their tasting journey. That being said, I was one of those people until trying it again recently. I was pleasantly surprised how inviting the nose was on this, very easy drinking, and easier to have another. What I would say to someone looking at this and turning their nose up to it is: Look, it's easily one of the cheaper bottles you can buy, and it's a great dram, so if you don't have a bottle in your collection, don't be a snob and just pick it up!

Dan's Opinion: This is a classic, if you where to go into a bar and not remember this Scotch's name you could simple state the scotch in the green bottle and while there are many scotches in green bottle the chances you would be served the Glenfiddich 12 is in the upper percentile, And you would not be dissapointed. I consider when tasting other scotches where I would place it in comparison to this bottle. Yes in some instances that is comparing apples to oranges but yet it continually do it. The bottle is a constant in my collection and one I frequently use to introduce people to scotch.

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