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Review: Auchentoshan 18 Yr

What makes Auchentoshan unique, aside from its complex history as a distillery being bought and sold a number of times over the years, is its practice of triple distillation. The triple distillation along with unpeated malt gives Auchentoshan products a more delicate and sweet flavor compared to any other Scotch.

The Basics

  • ABV: 43%

  • Cask: American Oak

  • Nose: Tobacco leaf, green tea, toasted almonds and a hint of caramel

  • Taste: Sweet, zesty, with a splash of green tea, and a hint of tangerine.

  • Finish: Long finish


Auchentoshan 18

Chris' Opinion: I'm a huge Auchentoshan fan. My wife purchased the 18 for me a couple years ago, and to me this is my go to dram when I want something to lift my spirits. If anything, from the nose, to the palette and onto the finish, green tea is prevalent for me. Blended in their on the nose is caramel, on the palette is that zesty citrus and tangerine under the tea, and the finish is long and dry. It's easy to drink, easy to love, and goes down smooth.

Dan's Opinion: I enjoyed this whiskey but I feel like it just isn't my thing, on the nose I get floral notes, a fairly opposite reaction when tasting I get a strong tea flavor, actually that's all I could taste. I much preferred the Auchentoshan three wood.

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